Saturday, 7 January 2012

Another 2 Rotten Belles painted. And type of paints I use.

So it been nearly two weeks since my last blog and I think that two weeks is going to be as regular as I can hope to be at blogging.
Anyway I've completed the remaining two Rotten Belles from Seamus's Crew and varnished all 3 (using Citadel 'purity seal'
I'm currently painting using a mix of some old GW paints (some of them more than a decade old, in the old white plastic top pots!) and I've just started to pick up and use theVallejo paint range.
I've only recently changed to painting from a palette instead of dipping my brushes in the pot (A MAJOR NO NO) and these models are the first ones I've started to water the paint down.....What a massive difference! The results are so much better. I can't stress enough that whatever doubts you have about watering paints down, put them to the side and just do it, you wont look back!
Anyway so thats another reason Im finding the Vallejo paints to be better than GW, because they come in a handy bottle with a dropper, so you don't have to waste loads of paint trying to pour just a few drops of paint onto your palette, as I find happens with GW paints. Quality of the paint is comparable if not better and to top it all they are cheaper.

Having said that I'm still a bit disappointed that my Fiancees DSLR Nikon camera and lens are just too good and my photos are picking up things you just can't see with the naked eye .... LOL so Im thinking off using my own standard Digital camera.

Anyway I've started painting Hamelin now, before I get back to Seamus's crew, as he was actually my first model and a gift from my Fiancee.


  1. They are just beautiful! Your a lucky person :)

  2. Really nice Belles - I like the muted tones. I find it interesting to see which combination of red/blue/green each Seamus player uses. Those seem to be the combination everyone goes for in some permutation!

    I also use a good variety of paints. The oldest are the same as you, with the flexible white lids. Surprisingly those have survived well - two subsequent redesigns of the pots have all dried up. I'm mostly switching to Vallejo now too though and really like the dropper bottles. Rather than trying to tip paint out the pots, I find you're much better off grabbing a brushful or two with an old brush and whacking it down on your palette. Also check out my post Raising the Bar on wet palettes to get the most out of your paint before it dries up.