Friday, 17 February 2012

First Crew Painted!

So I finally hit my first major milestone with my Malifaux models.

I finished painting my first starter crew! Seamus and the red chapel gang are all ready to go :D
(by the way trying the camera without the Macro lens this time)

I suppose I had better show some individual photos of Hamelin and Sybelle, who I never got round to posting photos for.

Hamelin I enjoyed a lot for a number of reasons, first was he was my first Malifaux present and second I painted Nix the same markings has our own family dog :)

I'm very pleased with the result, especially for the cobbles on his base which I sculpted on myself with green stuff. Actually I think I did more highlight layers to Nix and the base than the rest of the model :p

So then on to Sybelle

As I mentioned in my last post this model was surprisingly very nice to paint, with the detail taking the paint very easily and being able to achieve some great shading and highlighting with minimal effort. I think my choice of colours also helped to bring out the model and contrasted well against the rotten green/flesh tone of the skin.

So then I turned my attention to the master of the red chapel gang - Seamus.
Another fantastic model to paint, with my only worry being that of trying not to make a bad job of him, seeing has I hope to be using him on the gaming table more often than not.
Went for a typical green leprechaun colour scheme, which I always wanted to do since I first saw the model and used red and black to compliment the green. Im certainly finding that watering down the acrylic paint achieves a much better finish than painting straight out the pot and gives you so much more control of the different paint layers.

So anyway the next step will be to paint up a bunch of Victorian style accessories for use on my Terraclips board and I've also now got Molly, 3 Crolligans and the Necrotic machine to add to the gang.
Hopefully Ill get all those finished when I go away on holiday :)

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