Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sorry no photos this time. But a brief update.

Sorry no photos this post. I did take a few, but felt they where not good enough. So need to sort out some better lighting and things before I try again.

Anyway its been a while again, but since my last post I've had two more games.
The first game was at Maelstrom games in Mansfield against Adrian Mill who used Karai. Was a really fun  game with us both having similar strategies (he had claim jump and I had reconnoitre). I learned Shikomi are deadly and Karai can move faster than I expected :) Adrian was a really great opponent and gave plenty of helpful advise. Looking forward to arranging another game in the future.
Second game was last week against a guy from my local club, Alex. Alex is more of a newbie than myself and was using his Colette crew and he had even managed to glue them together this time (last game a few months back, his models where straight out the box.....literally! This game we played on my terraclips board. Again a good game, with us both learning a lot.

So on the modeling/painting front.
I've now finished Hamelin and Sybelle and now looking forward to painting the main man himself (Seamus). I'm especially proud of Hamelins dog (Nix) which I spent extra time on, painting identical markings to my own dog :D.
Sybelle was surprisingly a pleasure to paint, with the detail on the model being especially good for picking out with the paint.
Anyway im hoping to get some good photos of them soon and will post them as soon as I can.
I've started to base some Crooligans, Necrotic Machine and Molly on identical bases from Micro Art Studios.

Time to get back to painting.

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