Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Camera sorted! Heres Bette, Necrotic Machine and Molly!

So got the camera charged up and I notice the dial on the top of the camera......oh .... so thats why my macro photos where coming out rubbish! yes I've only been using the lens to focus and completely forgot to change the dial to 'close up' mode .... DOH!

So without further delay heres some proper good photos of the rest of my crew.

Bette Noire.

For some reason I went with a normal(ish) flesh tone on this model, which turned out very nice, with the nearly white flesh contrasting well with the black dress.

Necrotic Machine

Very pleased with the way this one turned out and it was relatively simple. Just one coat of GW Bronze, followed by an ink wash of 'Newton & Windsor's' Peat Brown, then drybrushed with bronze again, followed by a splattering of Turquoise around the edges and joints. Was probably the quickest Malifaux model I've painted.

and finally Molly :D

The model is absolutely fantastic and a real pleasure to paint. I had to paint molly in the week when i got home from holiday, because I didn't have a base for her until then (see previous blog post).
I tried very hard to do the best job I possibly could with this one and was fairly satisfied with the results. Trying to keep in with her background story I splashed some red blood on the front of her dress (She's prone to coughing fits of blood).

And since I've figured out the Camera, I guess I should provide a photo of the entire finished crew :D

Overall I think I did fairly well with the crew so far. Im looking forward to expanding in the near future with, Rogue Necromancy, Dead Doxies and the hulk himself that is AVATAR Seamus :D

And yes Ill have much better photos again ;p


  1. Your painting is stunning. Do you do commission work?

    I work for a game company and always looking.

    Any interest in helping us spread the word about a new game?

  2. To be honest, I've never really considered commission work before.
    I wouldn't be able to handle a great deal, as I do have a fairly well paid full time job, but would consider painting the odd one or two models.

    What Game are you wanting the word spread about?
    I'll be honest now and say I'm pretty much in love with Malifaux, but I'm always willing to try out something new.