Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Woah Didn't realise my last post was soooo long ago!
I did have a post written out back in April and was just waiting to sort out photos, but then me and my family have been hit with various ailments, Sickness (me), Chickenpox, Toothache (me) on and off for most of this time
and since getting back into the routine I actually needed to get some decent hobbytime done before writing about it ;)

First up is little bit of a write up for a little ongoing side project.

My side project is actually of an historical nature. 6mm scale American civil war from Bacuss. I’m hoping to play using Bacuss’s own Polemos rules, as soon as my mate can get some of his confederates painted up.
Painting 6mm is actually fairly easy especially when you set your mind to focusing on painting the ‘unit’ and not the individuals. Also makes a nice change from 25/28mm scale models, especially if you also like to be a bit more creative on the basing. I’ve included some green clump (sponge type) basing material for bushes and have also got a few mini trees, which I’m including on a few of the bases.

 I think I took this photo on my Mobile phone (so its not brilliant)

I have also been to the Salute show in London on 21st April (yikees that was over a month ago!). Got to say its certainly the best show I've been to in the UK and I really enjoyed this year. I managed to win a KR Multicase backpack 1 with a golden ticket. Also scored a good deal at the bring and buy for a set of Terraclips buildings, so I've now got 1 of each Terraclip set. I also had a few old GW fantasy models to sell at the bring and buy, which at the end of the day fetched a good price, so I was able to spend a fair amount of extra money on some new Malifaux models :D
I'll Show most of the new models in a future blog post as its going to be my first dip into another faction!

Heres a photo from the Show

Anyway I suppose I'd best show you a picture of my latest current painting project.

Got a 'Dead Doxy' or two on the go (using the Belles for reference) 
Also got for my Resurrectionists a certain hulk like Avatar and The Rogue Necromancy.

So anyway hopefully my next post wont take as long.

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