Monday, 18 June 2012

Avatar Seamus

Thought I'd best get a quick post up before I have to pack up my paints for a few weeks (for a house move).

Finaly finished the big guy .... Avatar Seamus!

Another model that was a real pleasure to paint.
I used my standard Seamus for reference on the clothing colour scheme, so that the Avatar looks right.
The main difference is the Skin colour, which I worked up using 5-6 layers of grey starting with a 75:25 GW Chaos black/skull White mix and working toward Vallejo London Grey, before washing with a very watered down Chaos Black and then building back up to a much lighter grey, with a final highlight of Vallejo Light Grey.

Here is a close up of a small bottle I added to the base.

Just realised I haven't posted any photos of my Rogue Necromancy! so here it is.
Photos not the best quality, but I took it quickly a few days ago, when I was applying to become a Wyrd Henchman.

I'll hopefully get a bit of time to take another photo and write up for this fellow after the house move.
Till then take care.


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Avatar Seamus

Thought I'd get another quick post up seeing as I'm going to be very busy for the next few weeks with sorting out an house move at the end of the month!

Started painting Seamus Avatar last night.
Starting from a black primer, I first mixed a dark grey and worked up to a mid grey tone in 5-6 layers.
I think Im going to give the model one more slightly lighter grey layer and then pick out the vein detail with a mid dark blue.

I'm keeping my normal Seamus on my paint station for reference so I can then keep the torn clothing the same colour.

Hopefully my next post will be showing the final paint job :)

Monday, 4 June 2012

Dead Doxy and Scenic Bases

I finished painting the 'Dead doxy' model last night and I am particularly proud with paint job on this one.
It might be because I chose to paint red, which is my favourite colour to paint (most of my previous Warhammer armies included red in the main colour scheme).
Starting with a black undercoat I first started with the flesh using my standard zombie flesh palette of 'Sunny Skin Tone', working up 1-2 layers to 'Light flesh', followed by 'Green ink' and then working back another 2-3 layers of 'Sunny Skin Tone'/ 'Light Flesh'. Touching up areas with the ink or final highlight where necessary.
After completing the flesh I moved onto the Red gloves & stockings. Starting with a GW 'Scab Red' I highlighted up 2-3 layers to GW 'Blood Red' which was then followed with an ink wash of Newton & Windsors 'Peat Brown Ink' to bring out the recesses and tone down the colour again. This was then highlighted back from a 50:50 Scab Red/Blood Red mix with 3-4 layers towards the 'Carmine Red' and then another 1-2 layers towards a 70:30 mix of Carmine Red/Pink on the edge details.
With the red complete I then moved onto the Green details, which where based on GW 'Woodland Green'  (the very old GW' / coat D'arm range with the cylindrical white top bottles, which I was pleased to see is still flowing nicely and will probably last another 10 years without drying up!), I needed a couple of un-thinned coats to cover the black undercoat, which where then followed by the 'green' ink wash. After the ink was I worked up 3-4 layers to 'Goblin green' which was then followed by another 3-4 layers working from 'Goblin green' to 'Flat Yellow' on the very edge of the details.
The lace trims where then painted with 'Gold Brown' with just 2-3 layers of lightly thinned GW 'Bleached Bone' (again from an older GW range with the hexagonal prism white topped bottle) to the edge of the trims.
I then moved onto the Black Areas (Corset, Boots and Parasol handle) which taking a tip from a good friend of mine Jon Kerr , I simply highlighted the black with sparse thin lines of 'London Grey' along the edges. This method produced a much better result than all my previous attempts to highlight black (which I have never been 100% happy with).
The Black hair was actually highlighted with a drybrush of 'Intense Blue' which gives a more natural looking Raven hair and differentiates the hair from the items of clothing.
With just a few more pint touch ups and small details I finished the model in time for Twitters #miniaturemonday :) (@willlambert4)

I also finished off some Victorian style scenic bases, which I intend to use for objective markers.

So really please with my painting this last week and moving on to my next model shortly which will be Avatar Seamus (The Hulk lookalike :))

Just to finish off this blog post Ill show you a picture of my 3 year old Daughters miniature painting after she wanted to have a go using some of my old paints and brushes :)