Monday, 18 June 2012

Avatar Seamus

Thought I'd best get a quick post up before I have to pack up my paints for a few weeks (for a house move).

Finaly finished the big guy .... Avatar Seamus!

Another model that was a real pleasure to paint.
I used my standard Seamus for reference on the clothing colour scheme, so that the Avatar looks right.
The main difference is the Skin colour, which I worked up using 5-6 layers of grey starting with a 75:25 GW Chaos black/skull White mix and working toward Vallejo London Grey, before washing with a very watered down Chaos Black and then building back up to a much lighter grey, with a final highlight of Vallejo Light Grey.

Here is a close up of a small bottle I added to the base.

Just realised I haven't posted any photos of my Rogue Necromancy! so here it is.
Photos not the best quality, but I took it quickly a few days ago, when I was applying to become a Wyrd Henchman.

I'll hopefully get a bit of time to take another photo and write up for this fellow after the house move.
Till then take care.


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