Friday, 22 November 2013

Taking time out of my studies to do do a little photo update of some of the many models I've painted since the last update back in May :p

Personally I think my Painting has come on another step or two and now looking back at some of the models in my first few blogs, I can really notice a difference.

First up I started painting up some Neverborn models I had purchased back in April last year .... Yes April 2012! I actually got hold of the Pandora box set, her Avatar model plus Zoriada and her Avatar. I haven't gotten around to Granny Z yet but hoping too sometime in the next couple of months. Anyway going back to just after my last update I started to paint up the Pandora box and the following photos are the results.

I decided early on I was going to keep to try and be a lot more uniform and chose a Triad complimentary colour selection off Red-Violet, Yellow-Orange and Blue-Green to be the colour scheme of the crew. I knew I would be painting tentacles and needed to be sure one of the colours would be suitable, I also wanted to avoid the commonly seen pink (red on the wheel) and green. I went for the Purple (Red-Violet on wheel) after seeing it would match up with Turquoise and a Mustard yellow, which I felt were fairly uncommon colours.

I use a colour wheel just like the one pictured here, which is double sided and lets you turn the inner dials around (One main outer dial - double sided and each side has a smaller dial).
The dial for selecting complimentary and Harmonious colours etc is on the reverse of this face

 As with previous models I find starting with the skin areas the best method for painting, I think its sort of like layering your paint, were you start at the base and work up. So starting with the base flesh, makes sense and it certainly works better for me.
Overall I very pleased with results and the multiple thin layer painting method again gave some brilliant results.

You might notice I have used the same bases as my Resser models and this was because when I demo Malifaux I use a Terraclips set and the cobblestone bases from Basicks (Originally one of the Microart sculptors) in Poland, are the best I've found.


It was a bit more difficult to keep in the
colour scheme with Kade, because of the
extensive areas of flesh, however I worked towards Mustard highlight on Kades tuft of hair and his teddy. I also started with the Mustard on his Nappy (Diaper for US readers) which actually gave it a very natural look. I Didn't include any Turquoise or Purple has they wouldn't suit the model, but Kade would still fit in with the overall Crew scheme.

Candy was slightly different because I wanted her
stand out in the crew. However I did keep close to
the crew scheme by picking a base colour  from 
my colour Triad and highlighting up to  the light blue and pink.  I also wanted to show off a little detail work and decided to paint swirls on the lollipop and candy canes in her basket.

                                                                                         Avatar Pandora
Returning to Pandora I decided to unify the model by keeping to the exact same colour scheme for Pandora herself but massively increasing the amount of Red-Violet with the introduction of the mass of tentacles. Changing my painting technique slightly I actually did some drybrushing  to give the first few layers of tentacle highlights, but softened up the highlights by doing the final 3-4 layers in my standard thin layers which brought the overall highlighting back into line. Drybrushing I feel only really work on very organic surfaces such as Fur and even then I wouldn't finish off the models final highlights using the technique as I find it too uncontrollable.

Because the Sorrows are spirits I wanted to  make them look very basic and simply followed a mostly mono colour scheme, and like all my previous spirit models taking the final highlights right up to a pure white. For the contrast I went for a Turqoise/light blue tongue and eyes. Again very pleased with the results and because it was mostly one colour they didn't take me too long to complete (maybe 5-6 hours total for all 3?)

Finally here is a couple of photos
of the crew all together. 
For my Next Blog (which hopefully wont be too long away has I've got the photos ready) Ill show my most recently painted crew which I only just finished two nights ago - Going back to my main faction of Ressers its Yan Lo and friends. Which I am even more pleased with in terms of painting than any of my previous crews and I'm personally  hoping to maybe pick up some more tournament painting awards for them.

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  1. They look really great :) You are sooooo good at detailed painting :)