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Yan Lo and his Ancestor Friends

Time to catch up a bit more on my painting over this last year and my most recently finished crew.

Yan Lo the Ressurectionist/Ten Thunders Master and his crew of Ancestors.

I'm really proud how this crew turned out has they really 'POP' and stand out from my other Ressurectionist models. Also tried out a few new ideas which turned out good.
The crew also got a mention on a recent episode of the Malifools Podcast by Mat Hart who was a 2nd place winner at this years Salute in London

For this crew I choose a Red, Blue & Yellow Colour Triad to unite the models into a coherent group.

Breaking the crew down
Yan Lo
 The Yan Lo model has loads of nicely shaped robe surfaces which I really wanted to bring out in the highlighting. To Achieve the finished effect I did in excess of 12 layers (all very thin), including an ink wash (following the initial dark red base coat) with my favourite Newton and Windsor Peat Brown Ink to shade the recesses.
To avoid getting a chalky pink final highlight I worked the reds up by mixing in the Vallejo 'light flesh' colour.
Because I was using so many layers I had to sometimes mix in a drop of red again if the colour jumped too far towards light flesh in each
successive colour mix. The final highligh on the very edges was pure 'Light Flesh', though I only applied it to small sections of the edge were I wanted the colour to stand out.
Yan Los staff was slightly disappointing for me because I was experimenting for the first time with trying the 'Non Metalic Metalic' Paint style and I think I ended up with a great looking staff, but just not very Metalic looking....oh well I tried.

Soul Porter
Following on from previous 'Spirit' models I used a fairly simple 'Base colour' ---> 'Chalk white' paint scheme. I must admit this was the first model I've stripped in over a decade! Essentially the first coat (a dark orange) didn't take onto the black undercoat and and after 4 very thick paint coats I was starting to lose detail without even starting any highlighting. A dip in warm water/washing up liquid and a brush scrub later I was back to bare plastic. After starting again I threw my GW orange in the bin and cracked open a new Vallejo paint bottle and of we go :)

 I havent done any Skeleton models in a long time and really enjoyed working on this group of 3 models. I painted each individually which made getting the right shades difficult to achieve, but was very happy with the final result and how they all came out uniform.
I did initially toy with the idea of swapping the triad colour scheme around on each of the parts - So one model would have had a Yellow Banner, Blue Trousers and Yellow Armour etc but felt the overall effect when in combination with the other models wouldn't work, as essentially each Ashigaru would have looked (colour combination wise) like one of the other models in the crew.

Unlike the yellow on the 'Soul Porter' I wanted a more mute tone so started with a lightish 'desert brown' for the base. The highlights were built up each time with a gradual 50:50 mix of white and yellow (i.e. 1 drop white, 1 drop yellow) with 1 drop of water. The final highlight was a small amount of thinned straight white to the most prominent folds of the trousers.

 I really enjoyed painting this model and with this one I took a slightly different approach to the highlights making slightly more prominent jumps in colour shades in order to try and give more of a POP in the colour, with slightly more white on the final highlight than normal on the base flames and the yellow (again started with a 'Desert yellow brown').
The face mask started light grey, but was heavily highlighted to pure white, so only faint edges of grey can be seen in the recesses. One un-thinned blob of red and pink was painted on for the decorative mask lips and and cheek blusher.

Yin (The Penangalan)
OK so now you've had another peep from behind your hands, yes this is what a 'Penangalan' looks like!  (A Vampire type creature from Japanese mythology)
I've never painted internal organs before so started painting with a certain amount of apprehension.
As all my models now I started with the face (much more comfortable territory on this model) and was particularly happy with the final flesh tone. I then moved onto the spine and ribs using the same colour mixes I then went on to use on the Ashigaru.
The Black hair was highlighted with a dark blue to avoid a greying look, that can sometimes be a problem for people painting black hair and gave a much more healthy glossy look.
The main part of organs was then given a straight base coat of very dark red, which was highlighted up to 3 different final finishes. The light Pink lungs, the Dark red Organs and the dark pinky entrails. I used a very thin brush to produce some blue veins on the lungs.
To get the final iky'wet' effect I applied a pure gloss varnish to the relevant areas after completing  my usual model varnishing technique.

My Varnish technique repeated here for reference: (Taken from Mitch Harrison and initially from James Doxy - Two very accomplished painters on the Malifaux scene - Check out James's blog)
1 Coat of 50:50 Gloss & Water
1 Coat of pure Matt
and finished with a quick spray of Testors Dull Coat varnish.

Izamu (the Armour)
The last model in this Crew is Izamu who I actually painted a fair while back now, before I even got the 'Yan Lo' box set.
Izamu is an impressive large model and I really set out to try and get a striking colour scheme. Luckily for me I indadvertedly choose the 'Triad colour scheme', which I would later adopt for the whole crew.
The model was a delight to paint with just the right mix of detail and flat surface. After getting a nice deep red on the cloth for a background colour, all the other colours really stood out.
I also did a bit of research for this model and used proper Japanese writing (Kanji) on his banners. If I remember correctly one pair reads 'Eternal Warrior' and the other pair is "Samurai' and (I think 'Death'?) but can't remember or seem to find the web page and images I used when painting them :(

Anyway that my Yan Lo Crew.
Since these I've completed just one 'Miss Pack' special edition model and I'm currently I'm painting some 'Punk Zombie' models which I got for Christmas.

Might be another fairly long wait till next post has I'm really busy at Work and College with very little time for any gaming/hobby painting, till at least the summer. But once thats out the way I've got plenty more models to get on the painting table including some 'Iron Zombies' and the Leveticus box set :D

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