Saturday, 15 February 2014


Thought I'd get another quick post out and realised I'd never actually uploaded photos of the model I'm most proud of painting.

So here is Alice! .... Model is from the 'Smart Max' SMOG Range

With this model I experimented a little bit with OSL (Object light sourcing)

Painting with OSL means that you normally show a light source on the model (in this case the street lamp) and then highlight and shade more realistically, based on how the light would naturally fall on the model.

Now my little bit of OSL was mostly confined to the shadow on the paving below the models dress and some extra lighter highlights on the surface closest to the light. So although not completely OSL I think the overall effect was very pleasing.

The detail on this model is fantastic (being made from Resin) and I really enjoyed painting all the little details, including the March Hare's watch and the bow on Alice's head.

Anyway I've already spent enough time on this post (Loads of editing and re-writes :p) so cheerio.

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  1. That is definitely one of my faves that you have painted, it looks great :)